Pierre Bataillie Vocals


A born performer he is. He has been making the Flemish stages “unsafe” since the early 80’s, first as lead singer of "The Outer Limits", a legendary West-Flemish New Wave band, and later on also as singer of the blues rockers band "Swampdolls", the punk pop band "Himalaya" and two other bands "Crush" (with a.o. Fredje Deburghgraeve) and "Blowjob", a band in which also several top musicians from the Belgian scene performed. He was also singer guitarist of the band "Union Match" from Ghent. Since 2007, he has been leading the soul-punk trio “No More Rules” as songwriter and singer guitarist. He frequently does studio and live work as lead and backing singer for several projects and bands. Recently, he started off as lead singer of the fantastic Rory Gallagher tribute band "Bullfrog Tattoo" which he does with great enthusiasm!





Vandermotte Yves Guitars


Yves starts to play guitar when he is 10. At the age of 12, he listens to Rory Gallagher for the very first time, and this will almost instantly influence Yves’s style.

In the first years of secondary school, “Lange Polle” and P Vansant are his classmates and they regularly get together to jam.

At the age of 16, Yves joins the southern rock band “Tamp”, composed of musicians who are in their late twenties. Not much later, they are selected as supporting act for the Tom Robinson band in the Alma in Leuven which is a success.

At the age of 18, he is asked to join the Luk Vankessel band as guitarist, a band which at that time is very successful in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

After a year, he begins a new band with some friends, “The Sneakers”, a very energetic rock band.

In 1980, Yves shelves his guitar for a while to fully dedicate himself to his windsurfing career.

Luckily, in 1990, he feels like playing guitar again. He joins “Les Flamands”, an occasional band put together for the VRT television programme Kilimanjaro, and the record single “Geef me nieuws” is released.

Since then, Yves played in many bands with a.o. Jan Vankelst, Dixie Dansercour, in “The 8 Balls”, “The blues balls” etcetera.

In 2012, at long last, he decides to start himself a Rory Gallagher tribute band.

Yves plays on his self-made Mc Dermott guitars.


Luc Heyvaerts Piano and



“Witten” is renowned musician on the Belgian music scene : he played amongst others with Noordkaap, Joost Zweegers (Milk The Bishop), Laïs, Bruno De Neckere (No Mañanas), Lieven Tavernier (“Fanfare van honger en dorst”, “Eerste sneeuw”) and he has been played for no less than 20 years now with the unrivalled band Gorki. He could give free vent to his passion for the Hammond organ with the band Blow-Up (The Meters, Booker T &The MG's); and he surely can with Bullfrog Tattoo.

With Bullfrog Tattoo, it’s again success guaranteed: awesome tracks, very awesome musicians, and a musical repertoire ideal for losing oneself into it !

Come and see, come and see !!!






Frank Verdier Bass


Could there be a link between bass player Frank Verdier and Ireland? Guinness, whiskey, or perhaps music?

At the age of 17, he finds himself playing the bass with the heavy metal band Iron Grey from Mechelen. A bit later, he stands at the cradle of Tumblin’ Dice, the cover band set up in 1987 by David Ronaldo (vocals) and Frank (bass), with a wink to one of their favourite bands, the Rolling Stones. This rock band is still very active. They played in hundreds of clubs and at festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands, in different setups, but always with David and Frank, and meanwhile also with guitarist Charly Verbinnen, Tumblin’ Dice stands for solid 70-ties rock with a ‘vintage’ sound .

At the end of the nineties, Frank plays with Planet Zoo. This band gets selected for the Debuutrock CD and a gig at the accompanying festival in Assenede.

After 25 years, Tumblin’ Dice is still Frank’s musical “home base”, but he enjoys himself in several other bands such as B-Stoned (Stones cover band), and in 2005, he starts up his own project, Phil T Lizzy, an homage to the Irish bass player Phil Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy.

And now, Rory Gallagher, a fantastic guitarist and song writer. To play this music together with these talented musicians is an offer he can’t refuse.

Ireland indeed: it’s great to listen to and play the music of one’s heroes while the Guinness flows, and having a little Whiskey to round off. Watch out for the bullfrog!



Marc Bruyninckx Drums an MD


At the age of 18, he rolled into the established circuit of backing bands. He worked with numerous well-known Belgian and Dutch male and female vocalists.

From 1994 till 2000, Marc played drums in the Dutch band “Bluesette” which used to be the regular backing band of a.o. Rob de Nijs, Anita Meyer, Benny Neyman, Lee Towers and many others.

From 2001 till 2005, he had the honour to occupy the drum seat in Will Tura’s band.

At the same time, Marc was drummer and musical director of a backing band for international acts: The Trammps, The Three Degrees, The Temptations, The Supremes just to name a few.

And so nowadays, in between the backing bands work, he plays drums with “Bullfrog Tattoo”, something completely different !

Marc is very busy playing drums, but it is so much fun !!!

For a good while, Marc has been working with music store Adams in Diest, “Adams Drumworld”. Marc has been chosen to endorse the brand and plays on the Adams 8000 drums.





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